Sustainable lifestyle with a smile.

The world is in transition and the weight of its urgent global challenges often leave people feeling helpless and divided instead of empowered and united. This platform is a kind invitation to explore your role in the mix and to rethink how sustainability on the personal level can look like. What if doing your best and enjoying the process were enough? What if it was that simple?

Recipe of the week

On a mission to inspire planetary lifestyle changes, Réka shares an affordable, accessible, meat-free recipe every week. Green Tuesday celebrates small changes that lead to big impact.

Pink beetroot gnocchi

Pink beetroot gnocchi

Beets have so much to offer in terms of flavour, texture, colour and health benefits. Relish these tender beets tossed through fluffy gnocchi. Pink does make perfect.
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Short personal stories

Quick reads to shift perspective. Moments of hitting pause, sitting down and making sense of extreme adventures or simple everyday experiences. Smiles and silver linings provided. Always.

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Free community events

Piece of Plate’s playground to experiment with new recipes, to explore crazy ideas and to have meaningful social interactions. It’s free, fun and open to all. I hope you join the party!

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Cooking classes & team building

Team building activities to embrace the power of shared experiences. Improving the wellbeing of people and changing corporate cultures for the better. Ready to rumble?

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What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.
Jane Goodall

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