Sustainable lifestyle with a smile.

Our mission
We bring positivity into planetary lifestyle choices to rally human and environmental health.

Our offerings

We create unforgettable experiences revolving around something that connects us all… food!
During our team building and private workshops you learn the tips & tricks of preparing food in a way that is both good for your health and the planet. We equip you with the knowledge to rock & roll in the kitchen while making a positive impact and enjoying the process.

Curious of the secrets of a sustainable kitchen? Looking to make a positive impact on a personal level while having a serious amount of fun?

During our private workshop you get to bond with your loved ones over the creation of a delicious, planetary cuisine. We learn the principles of a sustainable kitchen and concrete hacks to everyday life.

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Looking for a meaningful team building activity? Do you and your colleagues like to have a a good time while making a positive impact?

During our team building you learn to prepare diverse planetary dishes in teams. In addition to concrete, quantifiable climate impact, we zero in on teamwork and having a good time.

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Our secret ingredient

It’s one thing to cook well, another to be able to share it and spread it. We love to empower you to make a positive impact in a truly enjoyable manner.
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I can highly recommend Piece of Plate. I took part in a cooking evening in Amsterdam. [..] Réka and her team showed me that sustainable food is super easy and delicious. [..]

Iris J.

I had an amazing evening with the crew! You are a great team and work really hard to create an unforgettable evening, very well prepared and super fun!

Louisa S.

Réka Gugán’s approach […] is about making the circular economy tangible. A circular cooking challenge shows people how the circular economy can work in a simple, concrete and fun way.

Gareth W.

Outstanding cuisine! I ate a couple of different dishes [..]  and can’t wait to try more.

Matthew L.