Personal notes and thoughts on the way toward a happier and healthier planet.
Scribbles from crazy adventures and simple weekday contemplations.

Places of Food – Brazil: Pininga, a hidden gem in the sand dunes of Atins
Vegan in Brazil? Prepare to be struck by Pininga’s magic & sustainability champions. A charming little restaurant hidden in the sand dunes of Atins.
Fight or flight – Five tips for fruitful talks about planetary lifestyle
Why do so many of us fail to have fruitful conversations about our lifestyle? Here are 5 tips to marry passion with patience. Try & see the magic unfold!
Do what you love – One week-long food journey for First Choice Events
What do you do when you get a last-minute request to design and deliver a one week-long, veg-friendly food journey for a company's team?
The Mirror-Effect – Zoom out
Drop the hustle & zoom out! A kind reminder of what happens when we turn our backs on our mirrors and start connecting. To the real deal.
Green Tuesdays – Why incremental improvements translate to significant gains
Moving beyond early adopters & connecting with traditionalists, sceptics. This is how Green Tuesday aims to inspire climate positive lifestyle changes.
The Lemon Babies – Expectations vs. reality
Oftentimes we don’t get what we want in life. Our recent Austrian adventure made us rethink how we relate things we can't control. So, lemons or lemonade?
Piece of Plate leads the way in making planetary cooking habits stick
Knowledge turning into climate action to make circular cooking habits stick. An educational evening activity for EIT Climate-KIC Graduation in Amsterdam!