Do what you love – One week-long food journey for First Choice Events

As a meat lover I was able to enjoy Réka’s cooking for a week. Delicious and nicely varied.
Jasper Boekbinder

What do you do when you get a last-minute request from a friend to design a one week-long, veg-friendly food journey for his team? You say, HELL YEAH. Recently, my good friend Jasper, owner of First Choice Events surprised us with a spontaneous catering inquiry which put us on a whole new learning path. Piece of Plate ended up catering to his team’s needs for a whole week!

The premise of the gig was minimal infrastructure, i.e. his team needed veggie meals that could be easily warmed up and eaten out of food containers, and ready-to-go lunch packages. Surely not the most elegant dining scenario, still the reality for many of us working around the clock.

Point of departure

We believe to perform best we need to take good care of our minds and bodies. Healthy food is undoubtedly a great point of departure. So, I said happily yes! Naturally, we wanted to do more than just deliver veggie and plant-based meals. It felt important to weave in the holistic and planetary aspects of these dishes.

Frankly, this made the project way more difficult than it had to be, but all the more rewarding. We believe that good food is a gift, so we treat it as such. The additional fun facts, kind notes, love letters served all a purpose and were intentionally detailed. Every body deserves the best. So, we did our best. Here are some snaps!

After some hot and long hours in the kitchen we found the most rewarding part of the job to be the fact that we delivered everything unapologetically our way. This meant catering not only to First Choice Events’ team’s hunger, but also serving to our collective and deeper need to do good instead of harm with our meal choices.

During this week-long food journey we strived to deliver plant-based, seasonal and local meals. Our love letters accompanied each day to outline why they these meals did good for Mama Earth. We reused what we could and minimised food waste. Big time.

Magicians for a week

Without a doubt this adventure was one of the funnest for Piece of Plate thus far. Each day, we learn something new to sharpen our offering and get closer to our mission. This particular challenge made us recognise the importance of staying connected to the people we aim to serve. Getting out of the virtual space was nothing but refreshing.

Food made with love is magic. With relatively simple spells we can shine light on seemingly dark places. It’s been a pleasure to be practicing magicians for a week. After loving it so much we can’t wait to share and expand our spell book!

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