Our story

Our quest for making a change drove us towards deep questions to better understand the world we live in. What informs the way we view the world? How do we bring about lasting positive change? Our curiosity leapt us into the space of lifestyle and lead ultimately to the creation of Piece of Plate.

When diving head first into lifestyle, food and the connection to sustainability, one quickly confronts the vast amount noise surrounding these topics. We believe that translating knowledge into climate action requires a reckoning with the fact that food is so much more than what we see on our plates. Food is love, care, health, impact, vitality, life and part of culture. Food connects us all.

Why we do what we do

Our purpose
We believe that food is the biggest lever to rally human and environmental health.
Our way
We make sustainable lifestyle enjoyable and attainable.
Our offering
We challenge you to live your most impactful life through our workshops & online community.

Sustainable lifestyle with a smile

Piece of Plate founder, Réka Gugán strives to democratise sustainable lifestyle in a digestible and enjoyable way. Armed with a cheerful attitude and a solid academic background, she works to challenge the ways we take for granted, and cultivate habits that matter.

She is driven by the abundance of opportunities to make a positive impact. Both on the individual and collective level. Her objective is to lift this knowledge out of university lecture halls and conferences, and to make it accessible, affordable and gratifying to everybody.

It's cool to be kind
Sustainable lifestyle need not be radical, nor should it be judgmental. It should be human, as humans are in the center of it.
Réka Gugán


Our five leading principles


At Piece of Plate, we believe in the power of community and lifting each other up. We are friends first, colleagues after. In addition to caring about the future of the planet, we care about each other and about you. Meet Piece of Plate’s superheroes who are always there to save the day. Without their superpowers Piece of Plate would seize to exist.


Zsófia Gugán
Power Girl

Zsófi is Piece of Plate’s Power Girl, who kicks down barriers of the online and offline world with ease. Her work ethic in kicking a.s is truly remarkable. She is our go-to person for our online platform and for the execution of large-scale events. We can always count on her level-headed advice and realistic prioritisation skills.

Melinda Lőkös
Fairy Godmother

Meli is Piece of Plate’s Fairy Godmother, who is always ready to save the day with her can-do attitude and willingness to dig deep about tricks to make a household more sustainable. She is our go-to person for experimenting with new recipes. We can always count on her laugh in challenging times.

Miki Autar
Captain Holland

Miki is Piece of Plate’s Captain Holland, who helps us navigate the landscape of businesses on Dutch territories. He is our go-to person on financial matters and procurement. In times of need we can always count on Miki’s persuasive communication skills and constructive criticism.

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