About Réka

A girl on a mission to inspire people to live within planetary boundaries while enjoying life to the fullest.

Raised with a strong sense of community, now tirelessly exploring the world, Réka builds on her personal experiences to inspire lasting positive change. She believes that sustainability on a personal level can be achieved while enjoying life to the fullest. Her platform is designed to shine light on lifestyle choices that contribute to a happier and healthier planet.

Why Piece of Plate


Embracing planetary lifestyle to rally human and environmental health.


Small changes, big impact.


Inspirational material online & workshops, events in-person.

Sustainable lifestyle with a smile

Réka Gugán is an environmental entrepreneur, communicator, climate optimist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. On a mission to empower people to make planetary lifestyle changes she shares inspirational online material, and hosts in-person workshops and events.

Réka draws her inspiration from academia and down-to-earth experiences. Her endless cheer is matched with savviness in environmental science as a result of her postgraduate degree with honours from Wageningen University.

Piece of Plate provides joyful stories and accessible recipes at no cost to inspire people of all ages and diets. Additionally, Réka hosts free community events to create a playground for crazy ideas and recipes for success.

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Réka Gugán


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