Pandemic relief #2 – Exercise and social distancing

Yesterday, I wrote a short piece about what is happening as a result of the coronavirus outbreak and voiced some of my feelings about the issue. I mentioned ‘social distancing’ as one of the measures directed at ‘flattening the curve’. Today, I am dialling in on activities that might provide a fresh sense of perspective whilst respecting the rules of the game.

Social distancing in a nutshell

Simply put, social distancing involves maintaining safe distance (at least 1 metre) between yourself and others. According to WHO, when someone coughs or sneezes they spray small liquid droplets from their nose or mouth which may contain virus, possibly the COVID-19 virus. Standing too close, i.e. breathing in these droplets puts you and others at risk. Social distancing helps minimise these risks. 

During the past weeks, social distancing has taken a new level in the countries most of us live in. Businesses are instructing employees to work from home, as well as governments are asking people to minimise social contact to help contain the virus. 

Everyone is a V.I.P. at this private party. Irrespective of your age and health, you are entrusted to take part in this collective effort. Taking part protects the ones that are most vulnerable. A point – I believe- we should all care about.

Now what?

I hear friends struggling to find their place when they are all of the sudden stripped of their daily routine. So, today I want to raise the question: how to get a fresh perspective while engaging in social distancing?

Now, the good news is that we are not under lockdown, at least not in the countries most of us are situated. This means that it is still possible to go outdoors, get fresh air and exercise. The point is not to become a prisoner of your home, rather to avoid being in close contact with people. Simple as that. When you do get out abide by all health precautions you know to be crucial.

Silver lining

At the end of last week my brain was overloaded with coronavirus despair. That’s when I went to sea. The waves, wind and cold water lifted the cloak of despair. Returning home with a fresh sense of perspective proved to me what a powerful tool exercise is, specifically how it can help us snap out of toxic thought patterns.

Just to be clear, I am not prescribing extreme sports as the solace to the hardships of a global pandemic. Rather, I am raising the question how you can make this time your own and engage in activities that are safe and support you to stay positive and healthy.

You don’t need access to a gym or expensive gear to do that. Just to name some activities, running, jogging, walking, hiking, biking and walking your dog are still available. Getting out on the water has helped me to get out of my mind and provided a healthy perspective. Today it’s kitesurfing, tomorrow it might be a walk in the Sun.

Question: Can you prioritise your well-being in a sensible manner during social distancing?

Get creative, move with intention and stay safe!