Pandemic relief #3 – Calling instead of scrolling

Rising numbers of coronavirus cases across the globe indicate the importance of sustained social distancing. Avoiding social contact is a little price to pay to forgo the collapse of our healthcare systems. Still, the lack of social interactions can be more difficult on some than others. Picking up the phone might be a good start to feel less alone. Small act. Big impact.

Human beings are social creatures. Naturally, this time can be challenging for those who are fuelled by social interactions. We have said goodbye to crowded cafes, packed trains and sweaty gyms. Until when? Nobody knows. 

Welcome to the four walls of your home. While it is unfortunate to take a step back from your social life, it has never been easier to do so. Think of the vast amount of technology that is at our fingertips to reach out to anyone anywhere. 

Social distancing can feel lonely, especially if you are living on your own. What about regaining a little control in the places we can? Our connectedness is one of the areas where we can in fact get creative. Shall we?

Today’s thought is quick and straightforward. Pick up the phone and call a family member or friend.

Ask how they are.



Stay curious.

Choose to call over texting.

Hell, go all the way and video call a loved one.

We make time for things that matter. Right now, is a perfect time to prioritise your social ties. Chose calling instead of scrolling.

One call a day may keep the loneliness away.

Pick up the phone & smile just a little,