Piece of Plate leads the way in making planetary cooking habits stick

More than a hundred students from across Europe received the EIT PhD and Master Label during the graduation event on 19 January in Amsterdam. This festive event’s objective was to celebrate the graduates’ successes and bring EIT Climate-KIC’s young change maker community together. Piece of Plate had the pleasure to bring the evening activity to the table.

The day was filled with countless inspiring activities revolving around circular economy, concluding with a strong focus on food. During the official ceremony students received their PhD and Master Label certificates. Both prestigious degrees demonstrating the tools and knowledge students acquired through their studies at excellent educational institutions and through participating in EIT C-KIC’s thought-provoking extracurricular activities. The graduation event was no exception!

After Kirsten Dunlop, CEO of EIT Climate-KIC and Line Gry Knudsen, Director of Education kicked off the day, students had the chance to connect and to get inspired by various sustainable initiatives. Founders of CaffeInkEcochainWattNowWeee-do and Metabolic presented their visions and work towards a more circular world. The graduation took place on Café De Ceuvel’s premises, an initiative striving for sustainable hospitality. At the end of the day students had the chance to put principles of circular economy into practice during a circular cooking challenge by Piece of Plate.

This fun and festive day demonstrates what EIT C-KIC’s Master and PhD Label strives for. Gareth Wakeling, Education Manager at EIT Climate-KIC Benelux puts it eloquently:

“It’s all about empowering young talents to explore their passion and put their academic knowledge and skills into climate action. We believe that young talents have the ability to tip the scale in this transition towards circular economy. The EIT Master and PhD Label programme enables students to bridge the gap between education and entrepreneurship. Showcasing successful student start-ups and novel innovations is key to nudge young talents to uncover the sea of possibilities to make a difference.”

The evening activity was organised by Piece of Plate, a start-up founded by Wageningen University & Research and EIT C-KIC Master Label graduate Réka Gugán. The start-up is a manifestation of knowledge turning into climate action with the mission to make circular cooking habits stick. Building on the power of shared experiences, Piece of Plate sees circular cooking workshops as a powerful way forward. Fun, simple and engaging. Lesson learnt?

Through opening up a healthy dialogue about challenging what we take for granted about food we learnt that an elegant dinner for fifty can in fact be fully plant based, can be made from ingredients that are regarded as ‘waste’ and can also be simple, affordable and accessible for anybody.

“Making circular economy work boils down to a holistic approach to our everyday choices,”says Réka Gugán. “Challenging the status-quo and understanding that each individual has the power to make a change instead of blindly following the crowd.”

The ways in which we can better behaviours and attitudes about climate change is at the core of the EIT C-KIC’s educational programmes. Many students and alumni are keen to dive into the social and economic transformations necessary to realise circular economy. The graduation event concluded by Piece of Plate’s circular cooking challenge was no exception. It has been a true pleasure to see young change makers join forces and think outside the box.

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