Do you like tasty food and making the world a better place?
Learn the tips and tricks of a healthy, sustainable kitchen while having a ball. Join us for an unforgettable experience revolving around something that connects us all… food!

Private workshops

On the lookout for a fun and impactful activity with loved ones?

Explore our private workshops to unlock the secrets of a sustainable kitchen. Together we learn accessible, affordable hacks to everyday life while creating a delicious planetary cuisine. Nothing like bonding in the kitchen while getting healthier. Good for you, and good for the planet.

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Team building

Hungry for a unique team building activity with a climate conscious perspective at heart?

Check our sustainable cooking workshops where we untangle trendy terms like seasonal, local, organic, vegan and vegetarian. Guess what. Sustainable lifestyle need not be a compromise. As long as you have the right recipes. So, let’s get started! A healthier world, one plate at a time.

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Benefits of working with us

Our secret ingredient

It’s one thing to cook deliciously and sustainably, another to be able to share it and spread it. We love to empower you to make a positive impact in a truly enjoyable manner. This is what you think about our work so far.

I want to get in touch

I can highly recommend Piece of Plate. I took part in a cooking evening in Amsterdam. [..] Réka and her team showed me that sustainable food is super easy and delicious. [..]

Iris J.

I had an amazing evening with the crew! You are a great team and work really hard to create an unforgettable evening, very well prepared and super fun!

Louisa S.

Réka’s approach […] is about making the circular economy tangible. A circular cooking challenge shows people how the circular economy can work in a simple, concrete and fun way.

Gareth W.

As a meat lover I was able to enjoy Réka’s cooking for a week. Delicious and nicely varied.

Jasper B.