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Do you like tasty food and making the world a better place?
Are you hungry to build habits that matter?
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Good food is all the sweeter when shared with good friends.

Common Knowledge

During our sustainable cooking workshop, we untangle trendy terms like seasonal, local, organic, vegan and vegetarian. We boil it all down to accessible, affordable hacks to everyday life and create a delicious planetary cuisine. Good for you, and good for the planet.

Land required to feed you for a year

square meters
if you eat vegan
square meters
if you eat vegetarian
square meters
if you're a meat eater

Sustainable lifestyle need not be a compromise. As long as you have the right recipes. So, let’s get started! A healthier world, one plate at a time.

How it works

Our private workshops are meant for any friend group or family that is interested in sustainable lifestyle and building climate positive, healthy kitchen habits.

During our workshop we unlock the secrets of sustainable cooking. We prepare and share tasty, planetary meals in the company of friends and family. Together we learn to make a positive impact on a personal level by starting with what we put on our plates.

A unique opportunity to bond with your loved ones over the creation of a delicious, planetary cuisine. Are you up for learning concrete ways of making a positive impact, debunking myths and having a serious amount of fun while doing so?

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Group size
> 8 friends

When you have a minimum of eight friends hungry for a planetary cooking workshop we are ready to roll!

On location
In The Netherlands

We are happy bring the party to your kitchen or to host the evening in a professional setting. It’s up to you!

To your taste

You and your crew are unique and so is our offering. First we listen to you, then we create an experience that will truly resonate with your group!

Happy You
Happy Planet

In addition to fun with friends, we engage in something meaningful that makes each of us better and contributes to the sustainability of Mama Earth!

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