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Are you looking for a meaningful team building activity?
Do you like delicious food and having a good time? Looking to create a positive impact?
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Food is the single strongest lever to optimize human health and environmental sustainability on Earth.

EAT-Lancet Commission

During our sustainable cooking workshop, we untangle trendy terms like seasonal, local, organic, vegan and vegetarian. We boil it all down to accessible, affordable hacks to everyday life and create a delicious planetary cuisine. Good for you, and good for the planet.

Your daily savings if you eat plant based

kilogramms of CO2 equivalent
square meters of forest land
liters of water
animal life

Sustainable lifestyle need not be a compromise. As long as you have the right recipes. So, let’s get started! A healthier world, one plate at a time.

How it works

Our team building is meant for any organisation that is looking to strengthen team spirit while making a positive climate impact. This offering brings your colleagues closer to each other while bringing useful knowledge to the table about well being and sustainability.

During our team building we acquire hands-on information about the principles of a sustainable kitchen. Together, we walk the talk and practice easy methods for cooking healthy, affordable, accessible, planetary meals. In teams we learn to prepare diverse dishes and get a taste of climate conscious cooking.

In addition to concrete, measurable climate impact, we zero in on team work and fun. We join forces and break down the power of collective and individual actions. An activity where sustainability and cooking meet!

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Group size
> 15 participants

The minimum amount of  participants for the team building is 15, and we go as high as the sky! The more the merrier. We mean it.

On location
in The Netherlands

A professional setting for your team to cook in close to your organisation. Let’s connect about your city and we tell you all about the options.

to your organisation

One size doesn’t fit all. In order to offer you the best experience and the most learning, we aim to co-create the event with you.

Best value
for your buck

We guarantee a sustainable return on your investment. Besides a fantastic team building activity, you book positive climate impact through every day food choices.

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